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 Ave Ort Laboratories & Research Facilities are proud to offer a full range of services including a comprehensive general health tests (cholesterol & diabetes), specialized testing in the areas of infectious diseases & sexually transmitted diseases, fertility & pregnancy, and regulatory (drug testing).

Our laboratory is located in Sioux Falls, SD, but our mobile unit has the capability to collect samples nationwide.  

Do you suspect an employee or contractor is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while performing their duties? Contact us for emergency On Site Drug & Alcohol Testing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our on-call providers will respond promptly and procure an on-site test, producing a comprehensive report within minutes.

For a USD $100.00, we will respond at anytime, anywhere, any day of the year. The cost includes the first two drug or alcohol individuals being tested. Any other will be charged at US $20.00 each per test.

Currently, we are utilizing the NSS (NeuroStimulator Implant) to address anxiety, depression, and insomnia in many of our patients. Click here to learn more!   


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