Essere Completo by Complete HEalth MedG

Spirit, mind, and body... A whole being!

A chiseled body is not made, it is created! 

Weight Loss.

Your process is monitored and guided one-on-one with your personal trainer. We even have programs that permit for private reservation of the fitness center to provide privacy and access to all the equipment at your leisure. Ask us about it! 

Light Free Weight Training.

Light free weight training is perfect for toning up and giving you endurance & strength. At our fitness center we focus on lean musculature and a healthy body weight.  

Light Cardio-Vascular Training

Research has shown that light regular cardiovascular training is excellent for preventing diseases, slowing the aging process, and maintaining a positive state of mind.  

No memberships and no contracts to sign, train at your leisure and pay for the days you work out, ask us about it!  

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