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The Jay Kröw Foundation was created to assist our US Armed Forces Veterans and their families during their reintegration process. We provide a wide range of services to ensure they are enabled to make their transition into civilian life smoothly and enjoyable. Some of our services include therapy, family counseling, job placement, preventative medical scanning, financial advice, and much more. 


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The Jay Kröw Foundation proudly presents our very elegant wood watch. The Krôwnos watch will make an excellent gift for any occasion, and 95% of the proceeds are directed to support our US Armed Forces Veteran programs. The watch is engraved with our logo and Jay's signature in the front and back which also displays the watches unique serial number. 

"Thank you for your support, and may you enjoy this gorgeous watch while assisting us in continuing our work to support our veterans"   

                                                                      Jay Kröw

Black Crow is the Parent company that houses the Jay Kröw Foundation and the Kröw's Nest, our fitness center. We urge you to sign up for our email blast or text message blast to be informed of classes and activities such as our bi-annual mud runs. 

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